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Today's congressional vote against George Bush's bailout plan for bankers was perhaps the most glorious thing to happen in grass roots politics since the 60's. Especially after the sudden crammage of the Patriot Act and that duct tape-induced madness leading up to the Iraq War, I was expecting dogs and ponies.

But instead, they in fact LISTENED to us!

Well I know the pigmen are persistent, so they'll be back with another plan soon.

Here we are riding our bikes around Yosemite. The waterfalls were dry but we had a blast cruising around.

A friend just asked me to suggest a song that ROCKS. Well, here ya go....

We just ticked September (Northern California heat wave!) and Henry is already sifting through his costumes. Last year, he went through 7 different configurations on Halloween night... scaring the BEJEEZUS out of trick-or-treaters on our haunted porch with his various accessories (fangs, masks, reversible cape, fog machine, microphone/amp rig, spiderman gloves, etc.)

We actually had to apologize to a girl from school the next day at school for scaring a bit too much.

We didn't catch a whole lot of shows this summer, and only one on this list, but thanks to some generous artists and savvy tapers you can enjoy these from the comfort of your MP3 player. I recommend downloading the variable bit rate MP3's as a zip file, unzipping, and then importing into iTunes.

The test is harder than it looks... Master Lee takes them through a grueling workout session before testing on forms and techniques. Simon accepted the challenge to attend sparring class before his test... so he could be "burly".

Tom Scharff had just flown in from Wisconsin and contributed most of the pictures so I could videotape. Someday I'll edit that.

They are shrinking the groceries and keeping prices the same. Keep track of the offenders at The Consumerist. Meanwhile... I am long agricultural commodities (just entertainment, I am not a financial advisor!!)

The artist lineup for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival #8 has been revealed. Of course, the biggest news for this year's fest is the reunion appearance of BAD LIVERS (featuring Danny Barnes). The biggest news for everybody else is Robert Plant & Allison Krauss featuring T-Bone Burnett. That's one big show we'll have to squeeze into, for sure!

Here is Rob Brown's latest short film called "Leap of Faith." Rob is an old school chum who now lives in Nashville. Please enjoy...