Simon performs "Darkness" by hardcore punk band OFF! at his first middle school talent show.

Heat 9 (my boys Simon and Henry, ages 10 and 8) perform ACDC's "Back In Black" at the Lum School talent show. The above video is from the early show for K through 2nd Grade. I know some of the kids were confused when Simon incorporated a looper for the lead section. Some of the kids accused him of cheating (old skool music fans I guess?)

Twenty-twelve has been a great year so far for Superclean. Literally been swamped and grateful. At one time in Feb I was working on 11 websites!

Our family is, and always has been, very involved with swimming. Because my younger brothers were so fast (I wasn't), much of my childhood was spent schlepping around the midwest for weekend swim meets. Hello Holidome! Centered out of St. Louis, we were all over Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and even down to Memphis…. an armada of station wagons with electronic football gadgets and towels over our heads… in pursuit of more regional records for my bros' all-star relay team to destroy. One of those 4 went on to be a swimming star at Stanford.