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Words, music, guitar, and vocals by Simon Boeger (age 11.)
Drums - Wayne Skeen, who is old.
Bass - Jack Boeger, who is even older.
Recorded and mixed on the spot by Wayne Skeen at Ninth Street Opus studio in Berkeley, California.

Note: this is a reprint of an article I originally wrote for that was also featured on Alameda.Patch.Com.

The 2 sunscreens shown above -- bought at the Alameda Marketplace -- are not inexpensive. At $15 for 3 ounces, you may wonder why my family uses Badger SPF 30 instead of much cheaper chemical sunscreens such as Banana Boat or Coppertone. The reason is simple: the latter 2 brands could be extremely dangerous to your health.

2012 was a great year for records. This un-obvious collection is listed in order of appearance. They are all current, "relevant" bands who demonstrate to my ears the magical ingredient of Sonic Vision. Each of these gets better with listening and aren't about to fade from the Ford Flex shuffle mix. They all play like records. Some are concise, and others sprawl. Please enjoy.

Simon performs "Darkness" by hardcore punk band OFF! at his first middle school talent show.

Heat 9 (my boys Simon and Henry, ages 10 and 8) perform ACDC's "Back In Black" at the Lum School talent show. The above video is from the early show for K through 2nd Grade. I know some of the kids were confused when Simon incorporated a looper for the lead section. Some of the kids accused him of cheating (old skool music fans I guess?)

Twenty-twelve has been a great year so far for Superclean. Literally been swamped and grateful. At one time in Feb I was working on 11 websites!