Alameda must have the highest density off-campus blogger-to-populace ratio in the American West.

Heated commentary and discussion used to be contained to a handful of hyper-local blogs and "media" sites, all competing for the dish, the scoop, the gotcha... the Crown Cleverest.

Hell, I used to have an Alameda blog. Years ago. But for me, writing a blog post is like pulling one of my own teeth out. I really just like to make websites.

I finally let Simon and Henry (ages 7 and 5) watch the Star Wars movies, and unfortunately they got more hooked than expected. It's all about the light sabers, who'd a thunk? So I may be an idiot dad, but I can't help pointing out all the stupid things in Star Wars.

Subscribers to global warming theory will be happy to know that Australia is going to combat the emissions gushing out of their livestock.

Cow, goat, and sheep farts release substantial amounts of carbon into the air... estimated to be about 1,500 kg of carbon per cow per year. Enjoying your steak dinner tonight, Mr. Gore?

Livestock down under outnumber human residents 5.7 to 1. The Gov't is going to invest about $27mm researching dietary supplements, bacterial agents, and genetic engineering to minimize the fumes.

Hopefully, this will lead to better falafel.

Just launched a new website for one of my all-time favorites -- Bad Livers -- who are playing shows together again.

This site is built with Drupal 6 and is totally interactive. It's also integrated with Facebook so that Facebook users can comment on the site without having to create a new account.

They will be in the Bay Area next month and might actually rehearse on my front porch. Let me tell you... this 1907 porch was MADE for Bad Livers. Tom... better send me back the DAT deck!

Here are two t.v. shows are worth watching if you are grappling with the financial shakedown, even if you don't have a t.v. The Bill Moyers interview with Simon Johnson does a good job of focusing on the big bankers and how they work with our government.

The Frontline piece is an interesting film about how the events of the last 15 months unfolded, from Bear Stearns to TARP. Amazingly, it doesn't even attempt to figure out what CAUSED this to happen. The Moyers interview provides part of that gap.

This site finally went live on Friday. It is a custom drupal site and the clients are totally empowered to add and edit content as they please.

How do you like my little bug slider? That technique is known in the business as a "carousel." These guys are cool to work with and I actually saw two separate Omega crews in my 'hood when I went for a run this morning.

Avalon Village is a new service for seniors who want to still stay in their home but still need a little help. This can save them thousands of dollars per month, thanks to the staff and network of professionals and volunteers.

From what I understand the organization started in Boston and is springing up in other places such as Alameda.

We just went for a little walk in Downtown Alameda and I wound up being interviewed by the Channel 2 News. Apparently I will DEFINITELY be on the 6:00 news tonight discussing the budget crush and getting IOU's instead of tax refund checks. I don't have a television so could somebody please watch it and let me know how I do? Better yet... capture and youtube it? And Happy New Year!

update: Hopefully I will show up on the site as a Tom Vacar segment but so far... no dice. Anyone out there catch it? Does anyone watch t.v. news anymore? I sure don't.