Friends and Family

We just ticked September (Northern California heat wave!) and Henry is already sifting through his costumes. Last year, he went through 7 different configurations on Halloween night... scaring the BEJEEZUS out of trick-or-treaters on our haunted porch with his various accessories (fangs, masks, reversible cape, fog machine, microphone/amp rig, spiderman gloves, etc.)

We actually had to apologize to a girl from school the next day at school for scaring a bit too much.

The test is harder than it looks... Master Lee takes them through a grueling workout session before testing on forms and techniques. Simon accepted the challenge to attend sparring class before his test... so he could be "burly".

Tom Scharff had just flown in from Wisconsin and contributed most of the pictures so I could videotape. Someday I'll edit that.

Peter and Catherine have a new baby girl! Sasha Eleanor Boeger was born June 26, 2008 at 5:10 a.m. in Seattle. She weighed 8 1/2 lb's, 20 1/2 long, and came quickly. Everyone is happy and healthy... pictures (hopefully) coming soon. Update: Pics are here!

The Seattle Boegers (Peter, Catherine, and Zoe) just went down to visit Kirk (the lobster diver) and Cara Jo in the Virgin Islands. As we can see, Zoe made some new friends. The California Boegers hope to get down there very soon.

Simon just tested for his yellow belt... and you can see him earn it.

Kirk reports from the Virgin Islands following today's 7.4 shaker:

Henry's birthday is in October, so this year he was particularly interested in Halloween. He started dressing up and scaring passers-by in late September. He wore his spiderman gloves every single day. He had 15 configurations ready for the big day, and used about 7 of them. We had a smoke machine and microphone/amplifier set up on our spider-web strewn Haunted Porch.

It was great fun. The boys got over-the-top scary at times... even scaring the bejeezus out of some schoolmates (we still feel bad, Sabrina) but it sure was fun seeing 4-year-old Hank take Halloween to the Hilt.

Rob Brown sends us "Double Vision," the first widescreen 7-minute flick we've seen since he and Lisa (her film debut, she's pretty good) moved to Nashville from Los Angeles.

Wayne invited us to another one of his luxury parties... this time in Napa Valley. The house has 2 pools and overlooks the vineyards of Yountville. Friends had assembled from all over, including Hong Kong and Bangkok. Even Miss Chinatown U.S.A. Betty Hsu was there, but sorry folks I didn't take any pictures of her (truly sorry) so you'll have to settle for the link below.

Well, I got a big surprise for my double-bonus weekend (40th birthday and Fathers Day). Kari somehow kept me surprised up until the last minute, and I was even driving!! As we were driving south and passing the turn to Santa Cruz, I really started to wonder. Carmel by the Sea? Kari's entirely too practical to bring me here. Aha, there's my mom and Dick (they came all the way from Florida) on the side of the road. They've booked us a cottage, and they're buying all the meals!!