Here's a show worthy of your spare bandwidth....

Gov't Mule @ the Warfield, SF - 9/20/2001
(w/ sit-ins galore)

David Lindley played at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley recently, and we caught the first night. Mr. Dave's playing was astounding as ever, and it was a huge enough sound for us,,, but damn was he funny. Especially the new song "Hoffaburger", and the story about the cannon builder for Hunter S. Thompson's blowout sendoff. Also of note were stellar renderings of "Tijuana" and "National Holiday".

The Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson, Arizona is truly one of the most magnificent places in the world for music lovers. As local legend Al Perry would say, it's always a pleasure.

Guero: It's everything Beck does best. Nothing more to say here.

Seeking some spur-of-the-moment music therapy, went to the Berkeley Community Theatre to see Phil Lesh and Friends and some assorted warm-up acts. Mostly, I'm a Wavy Gravy fan and I like to support Camp Winarainbow and SEVA.

Piano legend and St. Louisan Johnny Johnson just passed away. Johnny Johnson was the guy who gave Chuck Berry a job and was the subject of Chuck's classic "Johnny B. Goode". Johnny will always be the quintessential rock-and-roll piano player. This was not lost on subsequent generations... he was on the staff of Bob Weir's Ratdog for a while and occasionally sat in with The Dead. He lived to a ripe old age, but he will be sorely missed by musicheads everywhere.

Posted April 6, 2005 on Easytree...

Hello gals and guys,

We're very sorry having to tell you that we had to shut down EZT just a couple of minutes ago.

We got a call from our provider, they had received a few letters from a couple of lawyers. They requested EZT to be shut down immediately, otherwise we and the hosting service would be sued.

As you may imagine, we do not have the funds to fight a battle we most probably can't win anyway.

Allman Brothers Band - Southeast, then southwest, then southeast.
The Beach Boys - Coming to a casino near you.
Brian Wilson, meanwhile, is playing theatres and festivals in Europe and America. Looking ahead, he plays Berkeley's Greek Theatre over Labor Day weekend.

Danny Barnes is back in a studio up in Seattle, recording another album for Terminus for summer release. We never know what to expect, but whatever flavor of mutant bluegrass it turns out to be, it's probably all the same to Mr. Barnes.

Aware of Mr. Barnes' contempt for musical "categories", we asked him what direction the record is heading, and stumped him. Whether it'll sound traditional or punk or electonica or combo thereof, he just can't say. And we just can't wait.

Not much to say,,, he was the greatest.