Send them love! Send them duckies and bunnies!!

Today's congressional vote against George Bush's bailout plan for bankers was perhaps the most glorious thing to happen in grass roots politics since the 60's. Especially after the sudden crammage of the Patriot Act and that duct tape-induced madness leading up to the Iraq War, I was expecting dogs and ponies.

But instead, they in fact LISTENED to us!

Well I know the pigmen are persistent, so they'll be back with another plan soon.

That's why we must remain vigilant, and let our representatives know that we appreciate their sanity (voting NO against handing over our tax money to bankers) and will remove those who voted against the taxpayers (whether out of fear or pigmenfestation, doesn't matter... we will vote you out of office in a few weeks.)

Following is a list of the Bay Area California representatives who voted against George Bush and his pigmen friends. Please, show them some love! Send them duckies and bunnies!!

  • Thompson, Mike, D-St. Helena (1st District)
  • Lee, Barbara, D-Oakland, (9th District)
  • Stark, Pete, D-Fremont (13th District)
  • Woolsey, Lynn, D-Petaluma (6th District)

Duckies and Bunnies will return after these messagesDo they even know the peril they faced?

Now... following is a list of twits who voted w/ George Bush to double our taxpayer debt and commit our kids' future earnings to the pigmen. LET'S VOTE THESE CREEPS OUT!!

  • Miller, George, D-Martinez (7th District)
  • Pelosi, Nancy, D-San Francisco (8th District)
  • Tauscher, Ellen, D-Walnut Creek (10th District)
  • McNerney, Jerry, D-Pleasanton (11th District)
  • Speier, Jackie, D-Hillsborough (12th District)
  • Eshoo, Anna, D-Palo Alto (14th District)
  • Honda, Mike, D-San Jose (15th District)
  • Lofgren, Zoe, D-San Jose (16th District)

You see... this is not a partisan issue. Don't fall for that crap, it's just a distraction. Our representatives are supposed to represent US. Support the ones that listen, get rid of the ones who don't. Simple.

Give our $700b to them?Give our $700b to them?

I know this was a really tough vote w/ investment portfolios getting whacked today, but unless you are a pigman, you and your descendants really escaped from the slaughterhouse. Click the "how they voted" link below and then choose "by state/territory" or however you like to filter that stuff. I'm just very encouraged to see that so many Americans are speaking up!