Rock Wall 2009 Zinfandel St. Peter's Church, Sonoma County

Rock Wall 2009 Zinfandel St. Peter's Church, Sonoma County

Just the other night, we attended the Viva Amore! event at Rock Wall. They weren't really pouring any zins at tasting tables aside from their Zinfandel Dessert wine. I never bother with those except tonight we were tipped off to try a "Rebecca" -- a glass of sparkling Blanc de Blancs with a heavy splash of the aforementioned dessert zin.

Rock Wall 2009 Pearl Hart Reserve Zinfandel

Rock Wall 2009 Pearl Hart Reserve Zinfandel

This is Shauna Rosenblum's baby. I've never seen her so excited about one of her wines... and THAT'S saying a lot. Not much was made and I believe it's already been snatched up... which is amazing considering it retails at $50 ($40 for wine club members.)

This vintage is name for Pearl Hart, the lady stagecoach robber from the Ol' American West who famously gave each of the passengers she robbed back some money so they could get a meal and a bed. She was eventually caught.

Rock Wall 2009 Rock Pile Zinfandel

Rock Wall 2009 Rockpile Zin

This new zinfandel is a perfect example of what Rock Wall does best >> awesome and distinctive zins.

The Rockpile (guess that's the name of the vineyard) is a welcome addition to the zinfandel lineup, which includes 7 at this writing. The Rockpile is precision balanced... designed to make EVERYBODY HAPPY and pairs perfectly with '73 era Bob Marley & the Wailers.

Goes for $40 retail and we got it in our last club pickup. They often pour it so be sure to taste before you splurge.

Rock Wall 2008 Jesse's Zin

Rock Wall 2008 Jesse's Zinfandel

For anyone who has tried it, hearing the word "Jesse's" conjures up a massive taste explosion. Rock Wall has zins *covered*, from smooth Rockpile (Steely Dan) to Jesse's Vineyard Contra Costa County Zinfandel (Motorhead.) Actually, it's more like The Runaways' "Ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB!!" Jesse's is Rock Walls' ROCK OUT wine, so we always keep it in stock. Never know when you need to ROCK OUT on a moment's notice.

There's a new Jesse's coming out soon so we can't wait to try it!

Retails for $28 at Rock Wall Wines.

Judd's Hill 2010 Zinfandel Burke's Blazing Barbecue

Judd's Hill Zinfandel

We really like visiting Judd's Hill (just north of the town of Napa on the Silverado trail) because they are very nice and their wine is excellent (especially the value.). But there is one discrepancy: we are vegetarian and they are ***all about*** barbecue. And this wine was especially made with Pat Burke in mind, who travels the country winning BBQ contests when he's not hosting tastings at Judd's.