Inevitable Islanders

It was destined. Boegers once again roam the competitive swimming world. While Kirk is coaching a team down in the Virgin Islands, Simon recently joined the Alameda Islanders -- an activity certain to command our mornings, weeknights, and every 3rd weekend for the next 10 years! Good God... I swore this would not happen again, but we somehow pulled ourselves in.

I know what we're getting into. California Swimming is super-hardcore. Simon and these other kids are swimming outdoors at night in various de-crepid pools and enjoying every second of it. The shocking moment of realization struck me upon hearing the phrase "Clerk of Course" and then finding out that winter swim meets are outside also and it's a good idea to bring a tent. With a stove?

Simon working on his eggbeater kickSimon working on his eggbeater kick

So begins a new topic and history on Boegerweb. For those who don't know, my brothers and I were on the Parkway Swim Club (and Sugar Creek too) in St. Louis from roughly 1975 to 1985. Kirk and Peter were particularly fast and posted records all over the midwest and beyond. Olympian Tom Jager was on our team and was Peter's mentor. I was a relative slowpoke. I might post some more history later... hell, I might even bring out some ancient photographs and see who we can muster up through the internet.

Henry never wants to be "novice"Henry never wants to be "novice"

The best thing about swimming was always the other swimming families. Have we found our tribe? Pretty fresh to answer that but here's what I can say with certainty about the Alameda Islanders... the coaching is obviously superb and these folks are SERIOUS. Power and technique like I'm seeing is plenty convincing. This isn't summer league. Simon is considered a part-timer because he only practices 3 days a week right now (the other 2 are Kuk Sool Won.) Henry is determined to skip over novice and qualify directly onto the team, so he's practicing at our club pool. I won't be surprised if he makes the team before turning 6 because he's a little fish like his uncles.

Enicinal Night PracticeEnicinal Night PracticeAnother thing about this tribe of Islanders is their nomadic nature. They are always in search of a pool. Right now the team uses both high school pools and our club pool. Simon practices nearby at Alameda High but the pump is broken so now we are truckin' out to Encinal. Apparently a new aquatics center is "promised" for pending development at Alameda Point, but you know how skeptical I am there!! Definitely something on my radar.

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