Alameda: Isle of Zombies

Finally.... a song about Alameda Zombies that I didn't make up myself!

Super Adventure Club is a San Francisco-based duo with a brand new album out on what I assume is their own record label. The music is actually pretty good but probably wouldn't have gotten my attention is it wasn't for this song about Zombies in Alameda.

I can tell that you're not from san francisco
Cause you're riding on a bike that's not a fixie
So tell me once again where it is your from
Cause you're smellin kinda a funky and your face is lookin glum

Alameda is a perfect place for fixies because our island is completely flat. The only hill is the bike bridge going over the estuary. If you ask me, hilly San Francisco is a retarded place for fixies. But... they are mostly right. Zombies do prefer geared bikes.

Dark is the night, dark is the bay
Dark are the ferries that take you away
Off to the island, off to the island of zombies

My wife used to take the ferry on her geared bike in the early, dark mornings with a thermos of French Press to lighten the way.

In Alameda (isle of zombies)
In Alameda (they're all undead)


You were living in the mission for a year or two
but the lure of easy parking was calling to you
Just like a call, just like a call from your mommy
You took the ferry, took the ferry and you became a zombie

Yep, that's how it works. In our case it was Bernal Heights (hill that pokes up out of the Mission.) There comes a point that carrying a baby and 3 bags of groceries 4 blocks up a steep hill after circling for 20 minutes gets ridiculous... and become eager to exchange brains for convenience. Who wouldn't?

You can't remember what you said
You can't remember what you said you've got no brains left

This becomes evident if you read the comments at Alameda.Patch. Evidently zombies do not like songs that don't perfectly rhyme.

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