Swarm of Sites Optimized for Small Business

Twenty-twelve has been a great year so far for Superclean. Literally been swamped and grateful. At one time in Feb I was working on 11 websites!

This recently launched swarm of small business sites share some common characteristics. They are all built with Drupal 7 with "responsive" (or "adaptive") themes so that one design works on all devices. Everything flexes into place whether on desktop, mobile browser, or iPad / tablet. They are not particularly complicated websites but they each have unique and powerful features. Well, actually the sumbody site is getting more complicated by the week and has over 900 products!

But the common thread is how they are all search engine optimized for a small business budget. It started with HeathersHomeCleaning.com, which has been very successful for Heather. She had to hire 3 new people less than a month after the site launched. See… that's Superclean… creating jobs one website at a time.

Sumbody launched next. Set a land speed record creating this one. Commencement to launch in 13 days. It's a secure online store (w/ SSL) that handles credit card transactions built on Drupal 7 and Ubercart. The store is doing very well and there's a huge wish list of new features coming down the pike. Looking for organic skin care products, bath salts, bon bond, soaps, creams, or natural nail polish? << visit them.

HireEthix.com might have been another land speed record. This was the 3rd recruiting website I've built for Cass. He says this one is the best (so far). Hey I'll build a website for Cass anytime. If you are seeking top level technical placement in Orange County, call Cass and tell him Jack sent you.

Another new one is LaduePainting.com -- my ol' friend Sam's house painting company in St. Louis. Sam's too busy rehabbing historic moulding and classic wood window frames to spend too much time on his website this mild winter but you get the idea…. a great collection of before-and-after photos. He specializes in historic preservation and I can pretty much guarantee that Sam and Stan are the guys you want. My old church -- Des Peres Presbyterian -- is giving them glowing reviews for their recent work on their historic Geyer Street church in St. Louis.

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