Underwater Quake Dispatch from the V.I.

Kirk reports from the Virgin Islands following today's 7.4 shaker:

"You wouldn’t believe what I heard / felt. We get a lot of quakes here, but I had never experienced it quite in this fashion. I was snorkeling with a friend, freediving for lobster. I go down, and the noise when you got to the bottom was unreal. It was shaking big time. We both came to the surface looking for boats, as it was similar to a huge large prop boat that seemed very close. There was nothing. We looked at each other and said “Holy crap, you hear that”. Went back down and listened more. It lasted for several minutes when you were underwater with your ear to the ground. Unbelievable actually. We both knew it was a quake, but I haven’t heard the confirmation yet until your email."

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