Ty Segall - Singles double vinyl LP

Bold and evolving - Pearl Hart and Ty Segall
Ty Segall - Singles double vinyl LP

This singles collection / double LP covers Ty Segall odds and ends spanning 2007-2010, including split singles, collaborations, and demos. It's a really good snapshot of a developing artist who in my mind leading rock-n-roll through the 2010's. He put out 3 (THREE!!!) outstanding records in 2012 alone.

So we've paired this with another Bay Area up-and-comer... Alameda's Rock Wall Wines. This 2009 Pearl Hart Reserve Zinfandel is Shauna's special baby and I think their best release yet. So why the matchup?

  • Ty and Shauna are both Bay Area up-and-comers
  • Ty is the King of Post-Punk Psych/Garage, Shauna makes her wine in an old airplane garage.
  • Both made at the same time AND released about the same time.
  • Ty Segall makes a ridiculous amount of records. Shauna releases a ridiculous selection of zins.
  • Loud and crunchy yet thoughtful and concise and baked to perfection.
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