Spring Sailing 2016

Timelapse: Opti's at Redwood City - April 1, 2016

Nice timelapse of Opti racing in good wind. You can really see the puffs rolling in.

This might be my best opti timelapse video. It was extremely windy this day and you can see the puffs rocketing onto the race course.

Optis at Spring Harken #1 SFYC - April 10, 2016

This was a great regatta in Berkeley Circle and served as a warmup and prelude to Opti Team Trials in the same spot later in the month... so very competitive fleet and great conditions!

Timelapse: Opti Team Trials Rigging - April 30, 2016

Optis rigging on 1st day of national team trials at SFYC in Belvedere Cove, Tiburon.

Timelapse video of 230 of the best optimist racers in the USA prepare to race out of San Francisco Bay Yacht Club for the USODA 2016 Team Trials.

Team Trials Gallery - April 30, 2016

Here's my big gallery from team trials, off the water and on. A lot of pics are from the ramp because that was part of my job.

Opti Team Racing at Cal YC - May, 2016

After all the intensity and drama of team trials it was really fun to take two SFYC teams (5 kids each) down to Marina Del Rey for opti team racing. I think more youth team racing on the west coast would be great for the sport. Team racing is a round robin of duels between 2 teams, each team with 4 boats. Using the rights of ways from sailing rules, you try to get the winning combination of finishers by trapping opponents. It's more defensive skills than a race. Henry and Simon had a dream team with the Foox Brothers and Sarah Young. I think they won every race.

Harken #3 at Cabrillo - May, 2016

Jeez another weekend in San Pedro, just north of the Port of LA (Long Beach is just south.)

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