Look at me, I'm a Power Ranger!

Look at me, I'm a Power Ranger!

I usually kick off the week reading James Howard Kunstler, my favorite peak oil curmudgeon. This week, he laid off perverse driving habits and lightens up (for him) w/ a discussion on how modern Americans present themselves. I think it's funny -- you might think it's a twisted rant.

" The fashion and body language of male youth in 2007 comes from three sources: prison, the nursery, and the pimpmobile. "

One of his usual rants is amazingly never discussed elsewhere. It has to do w/ the war in Iraq and our motoring lifestyle. We are so quick to blame Bush and not ourselves for the predicament we are in. We'll drive around in our SUV's and call into talk shows about how we should get out of Iraq.

Folks, we aren't leaving Iraq anytime soon. Yes, I think Bush is a bad man walking. To be more exact, I'm no fan of the Cheney Administration. But we will be there as long as we Americans insist on running America the way we run it, because we run it all on oil. Believe it or not, it's all for you!!

I think Kunstler is right about too many things on his blog (published every Monday) and his book: "The Long Emergency". It's downright frightening when you add it all up and look at the big picture, but I can't help agreeing with him.

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