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Update 2019: The boat was sold and is now a private vessel. You will see it cruising around the Caribbean! - St. Thomas Real Estate, U.S. Virgin Islands

Long running website for Kirk Boeger down in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Built with Drupal and with a lot of SEO, St. Thomas Real Estate is a great site if you are looking to buy property or rent long term in the USVI. Their services include Vacation Rentals, Long Term Rentals, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, can Property Management.

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Drupal website for The Kestrel, a top notch luxury boat charter based in the Virgin Islands.

In St. Thomas Real Estate News, a Virgin Islands realtor has run off with millions of dollars of other people's money. Apparently she cleared out escrow accounts and her office and disappeared in early February.

You can read earlier accounts here:

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Why one person can cause so much havoc with St. Thomas Real Estate

One month later, Rosemary Sauter is still missing... and so is the approximately 2.5 million dollars. Where does one flee when fleeing paradise? Another paradise in the South Pacific? Sunny California? Canada? And how is it that RE/MAX is not responsible for these missing funds?

Who knows... but here's a picture of her in case somebody spots her. Her "dream properties" website still exists and so does her LinkedIn profile.

Kari had a work function in Puerto Rico and managed to hop over to St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. and visit Kirk and Cara.

Coincidently, her visit was just before Kirk's 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Kirk! At this moment he is celebrating on St. John with Cara friends, and I sure can't blame Kari if she wishes she were still there. Kirk zipped her around on his little boat to some choice snorkeling spots around St. Thomas and St. John. (Little did he know that a party was being set up in his honor for later.)

Kirk also partook in his trademark hunting routine. He puts on his snorkels, mask, and glovesand dives down w/ a little crow bar to scare up some crustacean. Bingo! THAT'S a big lobster. Kari is usually vegetarian but in this case: "it was pretty good, I guess, for lobster."

Kirk reports from the Virgin Islands following today's 7.4 shaker:

"You wouldn’t believe what I heard / felt. We get a lot of quakes here, but I had never experienced it quite in this fashion. I was snorkeling with a friend, freediving for lobster. I go down, and the noise when you got to the bottom was unreal. It was shaking big time. We both came to the surface looking for boats, as it was similar to a huge large prop boat that seemed very close. There was nothing. We looked at each other and said “Holy crap, you hear that”. Went back down and listened more. It lasted for several minutes when you were underwater with your ear to the ground. Unbelievable actually. We both knew it was a quake, but I haven’t heard the confirmation yet until your email."

As some of you are aware, Kirk is living pretty large down in the U.S. Virgin Islands. That's Kirk in the red hat during a recent sailing race.