New Years starts at the Rose Bowl Regatta

PCISA Rose Bowl at Long Beach, which has become a favorite venue. Simon skippering for Alameda High School. Henry stayed home to sail 29'ers.

EYC takes BAYS to the South Bay

This winter's BAYS was different.... we had multiple classes (c420's, 29'ers, Lasers, Opti's) and we towed them out of the estuary to the South Bay. These pictures are from Saturday and it was perfectly nice sailing weather. Sunday was gnarly so we don't have pictures (only rescues.)

High School Sailing at Treasure Island

First a warm-up Norcal regatta with Simon crewing for Henry and then PCISA Golden Bear Regatta (thank you Cal Sailing Team!) with the Socal teams.

Mobile shot collection

All shot with Samsung Note 8, no filters applies.

Elvstrom/Zellerbach at the St. Francis

Simon racing club 420's on the San Francisco Cityfront with Jonothan Andrews. They got 2nd.

High School Pacific Coast Championships

Another trip to Long Beach for the high school final with Simon and Henry as Alameda skippers. I think they wound up 12th.

Congressional Cup

While they were racing FJ's I walked over to the Belmont Pier to check out The Congressional Cup, a famous match racing regatta based out of Long Beach Yacht Club.

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Chairman of America's Cup committee gives presentation to Alameda's City Council - Nov 19, 2013

Heat 9 (my boys Simon and Henry, ages 10 and 8) perform ACDC's "Back In Black" at the Lum School talent show.

America's Cup 34 has already started. Remember those two zippy Oracle catamarans cruising the bay this summer? Teams Spithill and Coutts (my kids love to say koootz) have already raced at World Series events in Cascais, Portugal and Plymouth, England - which just concluded. Next up is San Diego in early November.

We've been watching Live From Europe with our morning oatmeal via Once you start to "get" it... it really gets entertaining. It's all about teamwork and technology! They are working very hard to appeal to a wider tv audience that knows little about sailing with the assistance of precision GPS, onboard cameras, helicopters, and computer graphics by Stan Honey, the same guy who brought us the 10 yard line in football, the hockey halo, NASCAR's RACEf/x, and baseball's PITCHf/x, among other triumphs.

We watched fleet races, where all 9 teams compete at the same time, and match races where they face off in duals to win the bracket. So far in the total standings, Emirates Team New Zealand is in 1st place followed by Oracle-Spithill (Spithill is the captain), Oracle-Coutts (koootz!) in 3rd, Sweden's Artemis Racing, and Team Korea in 5th. Watching Team Korea blossom in the final days of Plymouth was the biggest thrill at our house. Maybe we are just real keen on the white tiger graphics, but it was huge fun watching them emerge.

Finally.... a song about Alameda Zombies that I didn't make up myself!

Super Adventure Club is a San Francisco-based duo with a brand new album out on what I assume is their own record label. The music is actually pretty good but probably wouldn't have gotten my attention is it wasn't for this song about Zombies in Alameda.

I can tell that you're not from san francisco
Cause you're riding on a bike that's not a fixie
So tell me once again where it is your from
Cause you're smellin kinda a funky and your face is lookin glum

Alameda is a perfect place for fixies because our island is completely flat. The only hill is the bike bridge going over the estuary. If you ask me, hilly San Francisco is a retarded place for fixies. But... they are mostly right. Zombies do prefer geared bikes.