Alameda Point

America's Cup website for Alameda

I created in the spring of 2010 following BMW-Oracle's victory in the 33rd America's Cup. While I knew very little about yacht racing, I was just watching what Larry Ellison was saying about transforming the America's Cup and growing it's audience via technology and television. I knew it had to be in San Francisco and some of my local sailing friends hinted that Alameda Point would be a perfect place for an America's Cup village. I had been learning a lot about Alameda Point from another volunteer project...

Alameda Point Info - Community Website

This website sprung up from a small community group here in Alameda. I created the website in Drupal 6 back in 2009 as a campaign took shape to develop Alameda Point, a huge parcel of land in central San Francisco Bay that was, until the mid-90's, a massive Naval Air Station.... which apparently my Uncle Bob Boeger served at back in the day. Rumor has it that his ol' bar stool still exists!


An informal group of Alameda residents has put together a website that examines the SunCal ballot initiative and Alameda Point.

The purpose of the site is to help the public become better informed about both the SunCal ballot initiative and the issues related to the development of Alameda Point. We attempt to shine a light on the details not covered by SunCal’s campaign literature.
The site includes news stories, documents, frequently asked questions, a point-counterpoint section, project uncertainties, a SunCal problem map, and an image gallery.

The website will be a dynamic and regularly updated information source as the debate over the future of Alameda Point continues.