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Alameda Point Info - Community Website

This website sprung up from a small community group here in Alameda. I created the website in Drupal 6 back in 2009 as a campaign took shape to develop Alameda Point, a huge parcel of land in central San Francisco Bay that was, until the mid-90's, a massive Naval Air Station.... which apparently my Uncle Bob Boeger served at back in the day. Rumor has it that his ol' bar stool still exists!

Alameda Point is famous for being the left coast naval headquarters and home of Doolittle's famous squadron. The USS Hornet docks in Seaplane lagoon and there are lots of abandoned buildings and old living quarters. There is also lots of fascinating activity at play out here in re-purposed hangars. Rock Wall Wines (I'm a proud wine club member there, see my wine tracker) and St. George's Spirits (Hangar One Vodka) are out there. The Bladium is a really cool indoor sports complex with roller hockey rinks and climbing walls. There's just tons of potential out here, and as of Spring 2012 its future is literally up for grabs again.

This site launched at the very beginning of a very heated campaign in Alameda called Measure B, where a company called Suncal literally put their development plans on the ballot. Back then, I thought defeating this measure was a longshot and we were the underdog. I usually only do a project if we are the underdog! Anyway, my teammates were and are very astute and fair people (and really really smart too) so we just tried to create a factual and fair site that would rise above the spin and just give people (and politicians) a resource to really see what the deal was.

As the campaign went on and the information flowed, I think it became very clear to people what kind of deal it was and the measure was defeated 85.39% to 14.61%. Of course we were very happy with this, but decided to keep the group and website together to continue tracking the ongoing saga of Alameda Point.