Web Projects

Twenty-twelve has been a great year so far for Superclean. Literally been swamped and grateful. At one time in Feb I was working on 11 websites!

This recently launched swarm of small business sites share some common characteristics. They are all built with Drupal 7 with "responsive" (or "adaptive") themes so that one design works on all devices. Everything flexes into place whether on desktop, mobile browser, or iPad / tablet. They are not particularly complicated websites but they each have unique and powerful features. Well, actually the sumbody site is getting more complicated by the week and has over 900 products!

But the common thread is how they are all search engine optimized for a small business budget. It started with HeathersHomeCleaning.com, which has been very successful for Heather. She had to hire 3 new people less than a month after the site launched. See… that's Superclean… creating jobs one website at a time.

Sumbody launched next. Set a land speed record creating this one. Commencement to launch in 13 days. It's a secure online store (w/ SSL) that handles credit card transactions built on Drupal 7 and Ubercart. The store is doing very well and there's a huge wish list of new features coming down the pike. Looking for organic skin care products, bath salts, bon bond, soaps, creams, or natural nail polish? << visit them.

HireEthix.com might have been another land speed record. This was the 3rd recruiting website I've built for Cass. He says this one is the best (so far). Hey I'll build a website for Cass anytime. If you are seeking top level technical placement in Orange County, call Cass and tell him Jack sent you.

Another new one is LaduePainting.com -- my ol' friend Sam's house painting company in St. Louis. Sam's too busy rehabbing historic moulding and classic wood window frames to spend too much time on his website this mild winter but you get the idea…. a great collection of before-and-after photos. He specializes in historic preservation and I can pretty much guarantee that Sam and Stan are the guys you want. My old church -- Des Peres Presbyterian -- is giving them glowing reviews for their recent work on their historic Geyer Street church in St. Louis.

The "public" version is limited but I will grant login permissions by request. You could then customize your URL, upload straight to Twitter, and monitor the number of hits you get. You can also generate an API key if you want to use it in a 3rd party program (like I do on Supercleanweb.com).

Great opportunity for a live-aboard in San Francisco Bay. This boat is an absolute classic with completely rebuilt engine and rewords teak wood throughout. It's currently docking at Jack London Square in Oakland. Imagine how much fun you could have taking your friends out to watch the America's Cup races.

Check the website for interior and exterior photos and specifications. If you buy it... and you learned of it here... want to take The Boegers out on the bay to watch some racing?

After 5 years, it's time for an upgrade. The first site we did for Jake was back in 2006 and it was built with Drupal 4.

Jake is an interesting dude. We both are huge Danny Barnes fans but he takes his mutant banjo playing in a different direction, as he's very influenced by classical music (whereas Barnes gravitates toward metal and punk.) Jake is also a backcountry medic which I think is pretty cool. I met him in person once when he was visiting Marin to practice some cliff-side rescue techniques.

I show up at about 1 minute 30 seconds into the piece...

FolkMusic.com -- the home page of folk singer and multi-instrumentalist John McCutcheon -- is the newest launch from Superclean. The site features an online store with his entire catalog, a multi-themed blog, interactive gig map, and more.

I have used a lot of different hosting companies through the years. I started off at Gorge.Net up in Hood River, Oregon back in 1995. Since I moved down to the Bay Area in '97, I've tried many... including yahoo!, SiteGround, Godaddy, and others. My favorite has always been LiquidWeb based up in Minnesota. I've had a VPS running for about 4 years that performs very well but their responsive support is my favorite thing about them.

The one drawback about the VPS is that if one site goes down, the entire server and all sites on there go down with it. I learned this one night when Dave Matthews (of Dave Matthews Band) tweeted about the new DannyBarnes.com site (he's my friend and client, Dave produced the record) and 800,000 of his followers piled on for the next 36 hours. I think Dave could bring a government to its knees with a following like that. Hey, Dave, don't you owe me a pizza?

A lot of catching up to do on Boegerweb.com. Seems that much of the stuff I need to "offload" onto the web winds up on Facebook. I will try and do better. A cool project from the summer of 2010 was new site for Hot Rize founder and Grammy winner Tim O'Brien.

The new TimObrien.net site is built with Drupal and runs on my new cloud server at LiquidWeb. I will need to write about the hosting in a different post. Anyway, Tim's new site has some cool features and new innovations from Superclean. We already have a Drupal music site for another musician (and friend of Tim's) in the works for a November launch that uses a lot of the same features.

Tim's site now has integrated e-commerce so you can buy his cd's and dvd's with very sensible flat rate shipping. Makes sense to double/triple up! We also have some cool audio streamers, an online forum, email list sign-up, video and image galleries, news and blog, awesome tour dates section w/ custom live map (similar to the one for Danny Barnes), online press kit and more.

The site has been performing well and averages 300 visitors a day. I see some of the fan mail that comes in and folks are really into this guy... and love his new album "Chicken & Egg." He just did some Hot Rize reunion shows too and people were freakin' with happiness. It's been a pleasure working with Tim's team. Go check out his site!

A huge part Superclean's web design service is educating clients about how to score organically in the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. While much of the SEO effort is built-in to the website itself, after launch it is important to keep monitoring and adjusting the site to hit the keyword and phrase targets. It is an ongoing process and better described over at Superclean: Webmaster Tools for SEO Performance