Web Projects

My web design firm has been building Drupal sites for over 5 years now. Coming from a custom web design background, we've spent a lot of time evolving the basic Drupal themes from Web 2.0-ish into more stylish and professional web designs.

Below are 4 articles describing some of these accomplishments. Variations on Blue Marine shows what we could do with the most basic starting point in earlier versions of Drupal. The transparent theme effects are what we are doing now. We've also created custom Drupal templates for artists and musicians.

Since many come to us looking for "clean and corporate", this is our specialty.

Sometimes we refer to our 6-year-old as Groundscore Hank. He is always watching the ground, looking for loot. Sometimes he finds cash, but more often he finds broken toy parts... all the better if you ask him. He has a special affinity for molded plastic pieces -- not necessarily the 5000 lego pieces in his room but rather "customized" pieces in the wild.

So it was with great interest that I took on the e*PolyStar project. E*PolyStar manufactures custom plastic packaging nearby in San Leandro. My contact there is passionate about the materials and processes and it was fun to see it in action during my photo shoot.

This website, and nearly all of the others that I have built in the past 4 years, are built with Drupal -- the open-source content management system.

Recently, Barack Obama's Whitehouse.gov announced its relaunch with Drupal. This is only the latest in many high-profile government, fortune 500, entertainment, music, e-commerce, and technology sites announcing their switch to Drupal.

Follow the link to my article at the new SupercleanDesign.com website with more details about who is using Drupal.

Here it is folks.... the all-new Danny Barnes site just in time for next week's major label release of "Pizza Box."

Not only have I had the distinct pleasure of working with my favorite musician for several years now... I've had the opportunity to work with his new management at RedLight, who also manage Phish, Dave Matthews Band, and Ben Harper among others. Truly an adventure. Check out the site because we have his new songs (and some old ones) streaming right there on the page and you can also download a high-res MP3 of "Caveman" for free.

Other features of the site include: live twitter feed on front page, integration w/ Facebook so you can use your FB i.d. to comment on the site, cool mapping features in the gigs section, and much more. Also trying to retain some old features such as "Ask Danny Barnes" and pulling in the blog from the Folktronics site. So if you are looking for Folktronics, it's here on DannyBarnes.com

The new record is phenom. My new favorite song is "Road" but ask me tomorrow and I will tell you it's "Bone." The closer "Sparta, TN" should be all over the freakin' radio. Another favorite is "Lifeline" that appears on the pre-order package and I think the digital download package but not sure. Anyway... please enjoy!

St. Thomas Real Estate is where you find a little piece of paradise... or a large piece. Check out the wonderful properties and views for sale on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. There are also some amazing rentals for vacations or long term.

My brother Kirk has St. Thomas and the US Virgin Islands covered for:

St. Thomas Real Estate, United States Virgin Islands Real Estate, St. Thomas Vacation Rentals and St. Thomas Long Term Rentals.

Kirk Boeger has owned and operated his St. Thomas Property Management and Real Estate Services Company for over 15 years. His experience can be your key to success. You can follow his website's blog and of course keep track of the real estate listings.

This Superclean project is built for maximum SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


An informal group of Alameda residents has put together a website that examines the SunCal ballot initiative and Alameda Point.

The purpose of the site is to help the public become better informed about both the SunCal ballot initiative and the issues related to the development of Alameda Point. We attempt to shine a light on the details not covered by SunCal’s campaign literature.
The site includes news stories, documents, frequently asked questions, a point-counterpoint section, project uncertainties, a SunCal problem map, and an image gallery.

The AlamedaPointInfo.com website will be a dynamic and regularly updated information source as the debate over the future of Alameda Point continues.

Just launched a new website for one of my all-time favorites -- Bad Livers -- who are playing shows together again.

This site is built with Drupal 6 and is totally interactive. It's also integrated with Facebook so that Facebook users can comment on the site without having to create a new account.

They will be in the Bay Area next month and might actually rehearse on my front porch. Let me tell you... this 1907 porch was MADE for Bad Livers. Tom... better send me back the DAT deck!

This site finally went live on Friday. It is a custom drupal site and the clients are totally empowered to add and edit content as they please.

How do you like my little bug slider? That technique is known in the business as a "carousel." These guys are cool to work with and I actually saw two separate Omega crews in my 'hood when I went for a run this morning.

Avalon Village is a new service for seniors who want to still stay in their home but still need a little help. This can save them thousands of dollars per month, thanks to the staff and network of professionals and volunteers.

From what I understand the organization started in Boston and is springing up in other places such as Alameda.

Here's a project I have been working on since June that I'm particularly proud of. It's a new interactive site for our Lum School PTA in Alameda.

The goals of the site include, in no particular order:

  • Centralize communications and event info for all PTA Members.
  • Provide opportunities for parents at work to be more involved with happenings at school
  • Make it easier for PTA Coordinators to get their message(s) out.
  • Give members control about what topics/groups they want to "subscribe" too (and not get blasted with stuff they would rather pass on).
  • Give donors the option to choose where they want their donations directed (to arts, music, field trips, etc.)
  • Empower member teachers to manage their own classroom pages (still working on it)
  • A forum to exchange ideas for improvements and programs, etc.
  • and so forth....

You see much more stuff if you are a member. We have decided to protect the names and contact info of all the members, and are also keeping most pictures and galleries inside the member realm. Better safe. But, please feel free to donate to our school, and we will really appreciate you!