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Hello gals and guys,

We're very sorry having to tell you that we had to shut down EZT just a couple of minutes ago.

We got a call from our provider, they had received a few letters from a couple of lawyers. They requested EZT to be shut down immediately, otherwise we and the hosting service would be sued.

As you may imagine, we do not have the funds to fight a battle we most probably can't win anyway.

We would like to thank everyone here for their contributions to EZT, one way or the other, for sharing the music, sharing an ideal, for all your mails, rants, praises...

To say it with Joan Armatrading:

We had fun, fun, fun, fun
fun, fun, fun, fun
we had fun -- while it lasted...

--"Tall in the Saddle"--

You all take good care!

So our favorite bit torrent site bites the dust. I think we always knew this would happen, and glad we partook accordingly. And so it goes.... back underground...

Allman Brothers Band - Southeast, then southwest, then southeast.
The Beach Boys - Coming to a casino near you.
Brian Wilson, meanwhile, is playing theatres and festivals in Europe and America. Looking ahead, he plays Berkeley's Greek Theatre over Labor Day weekend.
Black Crowes - Original lineup is reformed and playing smaller venues this spring, then sheds with Tom Petty. In August, they play a 5-night run at SF's Fillmore.
Bob Dylan - Still on tour forever, everywhere.
"Brotherhood Tour" - A strictly southwestern tour featuring Calexico, Los Lonely Boys, and Ozomatli!
Danny Barnes and Tim O'Brien - Together in UK and Ireland in April.
Doc Watson - A run of festivals following Merlefest.
Green Day - Spring shows east and midwest, then overseas festivals.
David Lindley - Solo in Japan.
Motorhead - A solid month in the west and northwest.
M. Ward - The exact opposite of Motorhead.
Nine Inch Nails - Quite a few two-night stands...
Queen w/ Paul Rogers - Bad Queen or Queen Company? They're trying it out in Europe.
Queens of the Stone Age - Tough tickets!!
Velvet Revolver - All over the map.
Wilco - Handful of festivals.

Danny Barnes is back in a studio up in Seattle, recording another album for Terminus for summer release. We never know what to expect, but whatever flavor of mutant bluegrass it turns out to be, it's probably all the same to Mr. Barnes.

Aware of Mr. Barnes' contempt for musical "categories", we asked him what direction the record is heading, and stumped him. Whether it'll sound traditional or punk or electonica or combo thereof, he just can't say. And we just can't wait.

We do know that Brittney Haas (the youngster in Darol Anger's Fiddle Ensemble) is part of the project, and so is Gary Shelton (on bass). We also know a few song titles: "Cut A Rug", "Cat To The Rat", "A Good Leavin' Alone", and "Get It On Down the Line".

Not much to say,,, he was the greatest.

Visit the Hall of Douchebags, a repository of band promo pics. Maybe there are too many bands? Nah, just too many bad ideas.

Even if you don't look like a douchebag band, try not to photograph like one. Stay away from the brick walls and off the railroad tracks. Done, done, and done. Are there no new ideas under the sun?

Bob Dylan and His Band w/ Merle Haggard and the Strangers.

7 March Mon - Seattle, Washington - Paramount Theatre
8 March Tue - Seattle, Washington - Paramount Theatre
9 March Wed - Seattle, Washington - Paramount Theatre
11 March Fri - Portland, Oregon Univ. of Portland - Chiles Center
14 March Mon - Oakland, California - Paramount Theatre
15 March Tue - Oakland, California - Paramount Theatre
16 March Wed - Oakland, California - Paramount Theatre
18 March Fri - Reno, Nevada - Reno Hilton
19 March Sat - Las Vegas, Nevada - Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts
(without Merle Haggard)
21 March Mon - Los Angeles, California - Pantages Theatre
22 March Tue - Los Angeles, California - Pantages Theatre
23 March Wed - Los Angeles, California - Pantages Theatre
25 March Fri - Los Angeles, California - Pantages Theatre
26 March Sat - Los Angeles, California - Pantages Theatre
1 April Fri - Chicago, Illinois - Auditorium Theatre
2 April Sat - Chicago, Illinois - Auditorium Theatre
3 April Sun - Chicago, Illinois - Auditorium Theatre
5 April Tue - Chicago, Illinois - Auditorium Theatre
6 April Wed - Chicago, Illinois - Auditorium Theatre
8 April Fri - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - The Eagles Ballroom
9 April Sat - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - The Eagles Ballroom

While this is definitely a doublebill not to be missed, another one coming around is Queens of the Stone Age w/ Eagles of Death Metal. They'll be at the Fillmore in San Francisco on Saturday, April 16.

Sun Ra 101- Supersonic Jazz

Primary Image: 
Sun Ra and his Arkestra -- Super-sonic Jazz

If you are adventurous and have not yet traveled to Planet Sun Ra, here's where you start... Supersonic Jazz. This otherworldly gem from 1958 gives us several reasons to recommend it as Sun Ra Starter:

1) We consider it his most "accessible" album aside from his earlier vocal/big band projects. The melodies are sweet, the instrumentation is playful, and compared to most of his works... less tweaky.

I'm On A Mexican Radio

We just installed an Airport Express for the red house, finding low-resolution internet radio to play on the hi-fi. Hoping to stumble upon something we've never heard, we are wary of the "eclectic" stations -- inevitably something nasty comes along and ruins a perfectly good nap.

This search for sonic focus will be ongoing, and we are off to a good start:

Camper Van Beethoven's gear was stolen -- AGAIN -- last night. That's the third time in two tours (Montreal, Columbus, and now Dallas).

So keep your eyes open for CVB's replacement gear, which is listed here. Somehow the thieves slipped past the Comfort Suite's security guard and raided their van.

If you have any gear you can lend when they come to your town, they promise to give it back. Gives new meaning to being one of the hottest acts out there on the road.

The Soundscape Preservation Society just posted a Mother Hips show from 1995 on etree. I remember this show... it was at Mississippi Nights in STL, exactly 2 weeks before I got married. Our west coast correspondents at the time were raving, so we were already hip to Back to the Grotto.

They opened for up-and-coming Leftover Salmon on a Friday night for their STL debut. Only 15 people or so attended, but Mother Hips played as if we were 1200 strong.

Mother Hips still confound us. They had a habit of shifting directions just as people were catching on. They emerged as a "Band That Jammed" with exceptionally strong songwriting - well documented on Grotto and also on this bit torrent. But just as word got out, they fired their drummer and turned country-ish along the lines of Gram Parsons. Less explosive, but steadier.

So then they were the new golden california wing of the party. Appreciation in this sector built, and again shifted with an astounding, Kinks-ish album Green Hills of This Earth. It won Rolling Stone Mag Critics' 2001 album of the year. But nobody else noticed and Mother Hips parted ways. (They have since re-formed and we'll report when we catch up.)

So now I'm listening to this Mother Hips show from almost 10 years ago. So fresh at the time. And it sounds fresh today. Turns out they always wrote good smart songs and possessed vintage country soul. And they could always tear it up and rock your socks off (my favorite example is "Pet Foot"). On this recording, they play 9 songs in a 45-minute set. Glad the Naks were running. "Magazine" and "Cant' Sleep at All" totally blaze. The rare "Mountain Time" is a highlight. We also get an early introduction to "Lady Be Cool" - a song that became a centerpiece for years but was never released. Confounded!!