Flashback: Simon Meets Laughing Sal

This video is 5+ years old but for some reason it has gotten a barrage of plays and comments today on youtube.

Most the comments are funny and cool but every now and then I have to scrub one. Especially since Simon likes to check in on the comments. Simon Meets Laughing Sal is almost at 14,000 views... which is second-place to "Shark Fishing In San Francisco Bay" which almost has 22,000 views. 3rd place is a Danny Barnes rendition of "Caveman" I filmed in Santa Cruz at almost 8,000 views. Here is the link to my youtube channel.

Update September 9, 2011: Hits climbed for "Simon Meets Laughing Sal" climbed to over 58,000 overnight. Wonder when I'll get that MONETIZE invite? Ads have been showing on the shark fishing video for a few years now.

Update September 12, 2011: Well over 80,000 now. Turns out it's from an articled Cracked.com published... The 7 Creepiest Old School Robots.