We prefer the DEATH METAL versions

This guy in Southern California is without a doubt the master of Metal Dubbing. He takes an existing video (there are several posted below... such as Justin Beiber and Katy Perry and then puts in his own soundtrack that he creates (including all voice and instrumentation.) Brilliant! My favorite is the Christmas twist below, where he takes a death metal video by Gorgoroth and gives it a cheery Christmas tune soundtrack.

So check them out. I've posted his versions followed each by the original.

Sonseed - Jesus Is My Friend (SKA METAL version):

Sonseed - Jesus Is My Friend (original version):

We can't decide which version we like better!

Gorgoroth - Here Comes Santa:

Gorgoroth - Incipit Satan (original video):

The precision guitar "dubbing" is astounding.

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (DEATH METAL version):

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (original version):

Can't stop looking at her. She looks like a piece of candy.

Justin Bieber - Baby (DEATH METAL version)

Justin Bieber - Baby (original version)

This one really pisses off my 9-year-old Rush fanatic son. He can't believe people actually like him. I try to tell him it's all about the shoes.

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