I show up at about 1 minute 30 seconds into the piece...

This guy in Southern California is without a doubt the master of Metal Dubbing. He takes an existing video (there are several posted below... such as Justin Beiber and Katy Perry and then puts in his own soundtrack that he creates (including all voice and instrumentation.) Brilliant! My favorite is the Christmas twist below, where he takes a death metal video by Gorgoroth and gives it a cheery Christmas tune soundtrack.

So check them out. I've posted his versions followed each by the original.

Sonseed - Jesus Is My Friend (SKA METAL version):

Something I made for an Alameda Unified Parcel Tax campaign (un-officially.)

Henry's Birthday Butterfly

Youtube Video: 

The BIRTHDAY BUTTER is an Alameda tradition. You have to swim through the gauntlet -- swimming butterfly -- while all of the other swimmers splash and rock you with waves from their kickboards.

This was Simon (age 7) on Christmas Day 2008. Chinese-made but fits him like a glove.

Here we are riding our bikes around Yosemite. The waterfalls were dry but we had a blast cruising around.

Patsy and Dick bought us a Scooba, the floor-cleaning iRobot. Simon and Henry named it "Mecha-G" in honor of the giant robotic monster built to defend Japan from the real Godzilla.